When To Use CJC 1295

Using CJC 1295 at the right time is going to prove key to achieving the most effective results possible during your time with it.

Depending on your goals, you’re going to need to adhere to a series of very different timing guidelines in regards to when to implement this item. We’ll now outline what the relevant timing procedures are so that you can make the most out of your product.

For Night-Time Pulses

For those who wish to elevate levels of growth hormone throughout the night, they simply need to integrate CJC 1295 within the hour-long window before they sleep.

This will theoretically ensure that both IGF-1 and growth hormone levels are sustained at an elevated level as the user sleeps.

It’s actually during our sleep cycles that we naturally release the most growth hormone; therefore any excess elevation will only serve to enhance our natural resources.

The maximum amount of growth hormone release takes place during the latter phases of sleep (following what’s known as the REM sleep phase.)

These phases commence a handful of hours into any uninterrupted sleep cycle.

As such, supplying the body with excess growth hormone prior to these phases manifesting should without doubt lead to greater overall benefits being achieved over the course of the night in terms of the growth and repair of almost all bodily processes.

For Anti-Aging

When utilising a secretagogue like CJC 1295 for anti-aging purposes, you’re going to want to feel the benefits for as long as possible as you go about your daily business.

In order to ensure that this occurs, you’ll need to administer it shortly after waking first thing in the morning.

In terms of how regularly you’ll need to implement it after your initial dose; this aspect is largely open to interpretation and is ultimately reliant on the unique goal criteria of the user.

Using the CJC 1295 DAC variant of the base CJC 1295 compound means that, in theory, you would only have to inject this product once per week in order to keep it active within the body.

This is of course if we’re only taking it’s half-life into consideration; it’s important that the products “active life” is also considered and understood.

Being that there are already several in-depth explanations in regards to what active life is elsewhere on this site, we will not go into great deal on what it means at this stage; what it’s important to understand on the most basic level is that there comes a time during the internal release of any product where its potency naturally starts to “drop off”.

There is very little, if any official information available in regards to what the CJC 1295 DAC “active” life is, but if we are to compare it with other compounds that last for a similar amount of time in the system (one of the closest examples being products with an attached cypionate ester) then it’s safe to say that it’ll be roughly 3 – 4 days before this “decline” in potency starts to occur.

As a result, users who wish to maximise their benefits when integrating CJC 1295 DAC may wish to inject it every 3 – 4 days in order to ensure that their levels are always optimal.

At least, those who seek maximum anabolic benefit should keep this in mind. Anti-aging benefits can be achieved via much less “dramatic” means than aesthetic goals can. For this reason, one injection per week would likely suffice.

You should still ensure that you integrate this product first thing in the morning on your administration day to ensure that you reap the rewards from using it from the earliest point possible.

For Restorative, Deep Sleep

In order to ensure that you have the most effective, deep and restful sleep possible – you’ll simply need to adhere to the same guidelines as those who wish to integrate CJC 1295 for the purpose of “pulsatile” growth hormone release throughout the course of the night.

This will mean injecting it within the hour before you sleep.

For Fat Loss, Bodybuilding Or Repair Of Injury

These goal sets will require the most advanced timing schedule in regards to administration – a much higher frequency will theoretically be needed in order to achieve the most beneficial effects possible.

It’s safe to say that those who are utilising CJC 1295 for bodybuilding purposes will (typically) wish to maximise fat burning as well. As such, the dose frequency should be the same for either goal if this is the case.

It’s in regards to that frequency that this scenario starts to get slightly complicated too – should the user be performing their cycle whilst utilising CJC 1295 without DAC, they would need to administer it every three hours in conjunction with a GHRP product.

However, due to the longer lasting nature of CJC 1295 with DAC, this poses somewhat of a problem being that the product is going to remain active far beyond this three-hour window.

Realistically, in order to ensure that the product is present within the system at optimal levels you’ll need to follow the same principles as those found in the anti-aging section.

Whilst doing this, you’ll also need to implement GHRP products on a daily basis to further “feed into” the gh elevation on offer and periodically breakdown the effects of somatostatin to ensure that all available growth hormone is utilised.

Whilst your CJC 1295 administration will take place every 3 – 4 days; your GHRP implementation must take place daily with at least 3 hours in between injections.

How many times you choose to inject per day is ultimately up to you, but most users will inject first thing in the morning then a further 2 – 3 times throughout the day.

For injury repair, you could potentially get away with a once per week dose depending on the severity of the injury. A once per week intake would certainly help to alleviate symptoms, though a tri / quad daily injection should theoretically enhance the recovery process further.

It’s worth noting that the primary difference between using CJC 1295 for anti aging / injury repair and anabolism is that the dose for the former two goals does not need to be quite as potent.

We’ll outline doses in the next section.

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