The Negative Effects Of CJC 1295

Sadly, due to the strength of pharmaceutical grade compounds like this, some adverse issues can arise whilst integrating them.

CJC 1295 is not considered to be a “high-risk” compound by any stretch of the imagination, but certain issues can arise over the course of a cycle.

Some of these issues are almost guaranteed to manifest to at least some extent and do not warrant any panic / concern. These mild issues include tiredness and lethargy / headrush.

If these symptoms were to persist at a potent level over an extended period of time, you would then need to consult with a medical professional for further assistance as a means of being as “safe” as possible.

Other symptoms (as we’ll soon outline) may indicate that there is something more “sinister” at play, and would warrant medical attention if they manifested in a severe fashion.

It’s worth noting that CJC 1295 is one of the rare compounds whereas almost all of the listed symptoms would not necessarily warrant immediate medical attention and can often be alleviated via the reduction of the user’s dose.

There is no need to waste medical professionals time unless it is absolutely necessary.

We’ll now go through the most commonly reported issues that may occur during your time with CJC 1295.

Water Retention

User’s can experience oedema whilst using growth hormone secretagogues, including CJC 1295.

Interestingly though, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing, at least not from a health perspective.

This is because growth hormone promotes adequate fluid circulation, which is likely, the reason why many users believe that it leads to excess fluid storage.

At no stage of a bulking phase, and at no stage other than the last week of a cutting phase (if you’re competing) should your fluid intake ever be suboptimal.

Without going into too much detail on how water can actually improve anabolism at this stage, it’s important that you understand that water is vital for every chemical reaction within the human body.

As such, being inadequately hydrated will simply hinder your progress, regardless of your goal.

You need to break this rule during the last week of a preparatory phase for competing / photoshoot purposes purely because maximum muscular visibility takes precedence over health benefits at this stage. Saving this scenario, hydration should always be optimal.

As such, this probably provides us with some real insight into the many users who complain about water retention whilst using CJC 1295 or other secretagogues / human growth hormone.

This study shows that elevated growth hormone levels will improve fluid circulation and subsequently lead to adequate hydration in those who are under hydrated.

In those who are already adequately hydrated however, it will simply assist the system in utilising and regulating the fluid that is already present, but there is no proven evidence to suggest that it will “add” more fluid into the system in a manner that can impact aesthetics negatively should the system already have the H20 resources it needs.

As such, we can potentially conclude that those who believe they are suffering from water retention may simply be in a state of negative hydration.

Unless they are currently performing their last week of a bodybuilding cut as previously outlined; there is no viable reason for this to be the case.

There are a few means of curbing water retention should you be holding excess water during the final stages of a prep including but not limited to:

  • Taking in more vitamin B6
  • Using dandelion root
  • Eating less salt
  • Avoiding refined carbs (you should be doing this anyway)
  • Eating potassium rich foods
  • Increase your magnesium intake
  • Eat less salt

Implementing either a handful or all of these elements should help to curb any water you may be holding during this crucial phase.

It should be noted at this stage that whilst water retention isn’t likely to occur in those who are adequately hydrated to the extent that it will override aesthetics, it has at least been shown to increase fluid within some internal organs / cells.

This can lead to joint compression and the development of carpal tunnel syndrome, in conjunction with the next adverse issue.


As odd as this side effect may seem, it is actually one of the most commonly reported issues by growth hormone and growth hormone secretagogue users.

This occurs as a result of swelling at the extremities of the body (the wrists and ankles) which in turn compresses the nerves found in these areas and leads to numbness / tingling.

It would be irresponsible to say that the user should “never” worry about this issue arising, because ordinarily speaking numbness of the limbs would likely indicate or could indicate a serious medical issue.

It’s important that you consider several factors should you experience this side effect including:

  • Are you a first time secretagogue / CJC 1295 user?
  • Are you taking more than the saturation dose?
  • Do you have a family history of heart attacks / strokes?
  • Were you feeling inexplicably exhausted / run down in the four week period that preceded your CJC 1295 use?
  • Are you administering CJC 1295 too frequently?
  • Are you experiencing chest pains?
  • Are you feeling nauseous / sweating excessively when the numbness occurs?

If you answered yes to the family history / inexplicably exhausted bullet points then you should closely monitor this numbness and see whether or not it coincides purely with your ingestion of CJC 1295.

This may sound a little too obvious, but it really is important that you rule out any possibility of it being anything other than your chosen secretagogue that is causing the issue.

Should the numbness subside once the secretagogue wears off, then it’s highly likely that there is nothing “sinister” at play. However, if you answered yes to either one of the aforementioned questions and you also happened to be either experiencing chest pains or sweating excessively / feeling nauseous; you must consult a medical professional immediately.

Should you have answered no to these questions and yes to any of the others, you should simply consider lowering your dose as this will likely cause the symptoms to subside.

If the symptoms don’t subside and happen to coincide with any other adverse issues, then you should cease use. No further symptoms should manifest at this stage; if they do, consult with a medical professional.

Decreased Insulin

Decreased insulin levels can occur as a result of the elevated presence of IGF-1 whilst utilising any growth hormone secretagogue.

As previously outlined, this is due to IGF-1 closely resembling insulin on a molecular level, thus leading to it being able to bind to insulin receptors. Whilst this does have positive attributes in terms of fat burning, it does also mean that insulin isn’t able to fully exert its effects.

Decreased insulin levels can actually have a similar effect to insulin resistance (or diabetes) whereas the body isn’t able to effectively access glycogen, potentially leading to a state of extreme hypoglycaemia.

It’s worth noting that this condition can be fairly easily overcome by ingesting fast acting carbohydrates; the mild elevation of growth hormone (and subsequently IGF-1) this product leads to also means that it’s unlikely you’ll encounter this side effect to an extreme level.

Tiredness And Lethargy

Whilst growth hormone and it’s secretagogue “brothers” are associated with an improved state of internal well-being / mood, they can also lead to the user feeling tired and lethargic.

How badly you’re affected by this issue is going to depend on when they are implemented as part of your overall training cycle. For instance, those performing a cut and operating around a strict calorie deficit are clearly going to feel more tired / lethargic than those who are performing a bulk.

This tiredness is likely down to the insulin resistance that takes place when integrating CJC 1295 as outlined in the last section; the body’s lack of “access” to glycogen will without doubt make the user feel suppressed and tired.

These are common diabetic symptoms as well; being that potent insulin resistance is very closely related to diabetes, we can definitely relate the two in this instance and surmise that a lack of mood and energy is almost inevitable as a result of a lack of access to insulin’s effects.

You can take certain steps to alleviate this issue whilst on cycle including making sure that you have a high water intake (at least 2 – 3 litres per day) in conjunction with the periodic integration of stimulants like caffeine.

Headrush / Euphoria

Whilst this may initially sound like more of a positive benefit, it can actually leave the user feeling quite nauseous and dizzy when it arises.

There is no one singular concrete reason for this occurring, and it may have more to do with the user’s underlying state of health and circumstances. Using CJC 1295 may actually “bring out” any detrimental and already underlying conditions.

Head Rushes and euphoria can occur in seemingly “normal” people every day – many associate their manifestation with a feeling of “unease” in the moments prior to them occurring, followed by a feeling of being “outside” of their body.

Movement is known to make this feeling worse, and people have described moving around whilst feeling that they are not truly performing the movement themselves.

Sometimes, these experiences will coincide with the use of certain drugs (marijuana for instance) either during the time frame where they occur or in the weeks prior to their manifestation.

Equally, there are many people who have these experiences without the use of drugs too. This can sometimes be due to a lack of internal function and synergy somewhere within their system.

For instance, some people who experience these rushes report having cardiovascular issues and / or an anxiety related condition or a history of anxiety.

Whilst CJC 1295 isn’t known for producing severe side effects, it is still altering your internal chemistry and eliciting responses from the nervous system that would not ordinarily occur.

Whilst this will not prove to be a problem for most people, these changes alone could easily trigger anxiety / nausea and a feeling of “unease” in those who are either inexperienced, or have a sensitive disposition.

Should this particular side effect occur the most sensible course of action would be to consult with a GP in regards to what it may be and get a health check to be as safe as possible.

It’s unlikely that the cause will be anything sinister, but it’s always wise to double check.

Itching And Pain At The Injection Site

This is one of the most common symptoms associated with CJC 1295 and likely comes as a result of either impure produce, or erroneous administration.

Should your product in any way be contaminated, it may contain harmful bacteria / other contaminants that will serve to agitate the skin around the injection site and may even disturb your internal mechanics.

More commonly, the reason for itching is due to a lack of care when injecting in regards to ensuring that the area is as sterile as possible.

Without thoroughly cleansing both the site and the needle, you are opening your body up to unwanted bacteria that may cause harm. At the very least, it will agitate the site and lead to rashes / itching occurring.

Of course, lack of cleanliness isn’t always the reason why this takes place, especially in regards to pain occurring. Sometimes the oil contained within the syringe can “build up” underneath the surface of the skin before it fully integrates into the body.

As such, it forms somewhat of a solid lump that can leave the area feeling swollen and tender until it dissipates.

In its own right, this side effect shouldn’t raise too much concern unless the pain remains in conjunction with a hard, “pea like” swelling underneath the skin surface several hours after injecting.

This would likely indicate that the oil hadn’t successfully infiltrated its target site. Should this be the case, you would need to discuss the issue with a qualified medical professional in regards to how to safely proceed.

It’s not uncommon for users to experience a combination of all of the above issues at once (pain, swelling / itching etc) especially if they are a novice.

Make sure that you thoroughly cleanse your administration site and perform the injection according to our upcoming guidelines if you want to avoid these issues arising.

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