Positive Effects Of CJC 1295 DAC

There are many reported and definitive benefits to utilising CJC 1295 – we’re now going to individually observe them all in an effort to help you fully appreciate what this item can do for you.

Lean Muscle Gain

Ultimately, lean muscle gain whilst utilising CJC 1295 is going to depend on a number of critical factors, but it is without doubt possible.

These factors include but are not limited to:

  • Is CJC 1295 being combined with a GHRP product?
  • Is the user following a sensible training and nutrition plan?

These two questions are without doubt the most important to consider when utilising not only CJC 1295, but any GHRH product as they will determine the user’s success in their pursuit of lean muscle tissue.

We’ll soon be explaining precisely what you’ll need to do in order to achieve lean muscle gain from a nutrition perspective, but in terms of the first bullet point; only when used in conjunction with a growth hormone releasing peptide will you truly optimise the effects of growth hormone releasing hormone over the course of a cycle for this purpose.

Without blocking out somatostatin, achieving maximum anabolism with CJC 1295 is going to be very difficult surplus to your natural capacity.

Increased Protein Synthesis

It’s through the enhanced release of IGF-1 that we are able to recruit satellite muscle cells using CJC 1295.

As previously outlined, this unique growth hormone “derivative” releases MGF, and it’s this latter component that arguably forms the crux of all the aesthetic development one can achieve when utilising CJC 1295.

An increase in metabolic activity is also going to prove beneficial for protein synthesis as the accelerated internal functionality on offer with CJC 1295 will “spike” the regeneration process further provided adequate nutrients are available.

As we’ll outline in the bulking and cutting diet sections, a minimum protein count will be needed in order to maximise protein synthesis regardless of your chosen goal.

Improved Recovery Time

As a natural extension on the effects of protein synthesis, the advanced generation of muscular cells also leads to dramatically reduced recovery periods in between physical exercise sessions.

This isn’t the only manner in which CJC 1295 can help to boost recovery efforts though; through its increase in plasma gh levels, it is able to positively impact the metabolism of osteoblasts and osteoclasts in human bones.

These elements are vital to the building and maintenance process in bones, therefore all the signs indicate that CJC 1295 is capable of serving as both a protective and “evolutionary” recovery agent in this capacity, especially if the user is recovering from an existing injury.

Further to this, growth hormones acceleration of collagen production will also prove vital for the enhancement of recovery being that collagen plays a vital part in the formation of both ligaments and tendons.

As per the bones, this means that CJC 1295 could serve to both support and replenish these vital areas of the joints thus ensuring that maximum recovery in between bouts of intense physical activity could occur.
Some report an immune system boost whilst utilising growth hormone secretagogues of any variety, but as of yet, there is no concrete data to prove that this is in fact the case.

On balance, some of the only research performed on humans in regards to the effects of gh on the immune system do not indicate that a lack of optimum gh levels in any way impacts human immune function. This indicates that a surplus gh presence may have no impact either.

Interestingly, one study was designed to get to the bottom of this situation and find out the truth – the premise for the study stated that growth hormone may promote growth of the thymus, which in turn is responsible for the growth of immune cells.

Despite the promising indications and the completion of the study; as of yet, no results have been posted.
Should the implied benefits in regards to positively impacting the immune system ring true, then advanced immune functionality would also help to dramatically improve the individual’s recovery rate.

All of the above outlined elements (enhanced bone cell regeneration, enhanced ligament / tendon support, enhanced immune function etc) would combine to deliver quite a devastating package in terms of advanced recovery, assuming of course that the implied benefits (immune system support) truly did manifest alongside the “concrete” benefits (ligament / tendon support.)

Reduced Body Fat

Reduced body fat is a bona fide guarantee whilst using CJC 1295 provided you use it in conjunction with an effective nutrition plan; it’s also worth noting that your fat burning potential will be dramatically enhanced when using it in conjunction with a GHRP product.

As previously outlined, the elevated release of IGF-1 is what ultimately leads to enhanced fat burning when there is an elevated presence of growth hormone.

This is due to its relationship with insulin receptors and the fact that it can actually bind to them, thus blocking insulin from functioning effectively and subsequently forcing the body to turn to fat as its primary fuel source.

Even a modest elevation in growth hormone levels could incite this effect (as per CJC 1295) but when combined with a GHRP product, this effect would certainly elevate.

Improved Metabolism

This positive benefit is shared by almost every anabolically charged compound in existence owing to the manner in which they exert their effects within the body.

It would be fair to state that a lack of enhanced metabolic output would actually be impossible when utilising CJC 1295 – this is because it creates a “surplus” stimulus within the body and forces it to perform actions that it would ordinarily not perform.

Metabolic activity increases can occur with even the smallest of internal changes – when we introduce an exogenous compound like this, the effects it exerts within the body require extra processing power from the various organs and cells of the body.

In this instance, the endocrine system in particular is being worked “overtime” due to it having to instigate excess hormonal activity, as are the pituitary gland and hypothalamus.

All of this extra “processing” requires surplus calories, and as such; the metabolism must increase its work rate in order to meet the energy demands being placed on the system.

Improved Strength

This aspect of CJC 1295’s functionality is open for debate, and perhaps manifests in a manner that you may not expect.

Typically, when people think of strength increases, they imagine that the compound they are taking might directly lead to them having massive surges in strength levels.

In this instance, those people would without doubt find CJC 1295 somewhat lacking; this is because it doesn’t directly improve strength per se.

On the contrary, many anabolic steroids will directly impact strength in such a manner, but it must be said that CJC 1295 and all other growth hormone secretagogues can “persuade” maximum strength with a more subtle yet natural manner.

This is because whilst they don’t dramatically improve strength levels, they do actually support maximum strength performance. In order to understand how and why, you must only consider the principles of strength training, which are:

  • The loads being lifted must progressively increase over the course of the training cycle
  • Adequate recovery must take place in between sessions via proper, periodised rest days in order to achieve maximum loads
  • Injury prevention (via appropriate technique utilisation) is key to ensure ongoing progress

Considering these factors, CJC 1295 is very conducive to maximum strength output. Whilst it doesn’t “actively” impact power, it does so passively via its recovery benefits.

There isn’t one singular point mentioned above that CJC 1295 can’t assist with through its ability to help the joints and tendons recover / sustain their integrity whilst simultaneously promoting advanced protein synthesis.

All of these factors combined “prime” the body for maximum strength performance.

Increased Bone Density

Increased bone density is a positive element of CJC 1295’s “character” that absolutely everybody can benefit from, regardless of their chosen goals.

Better bone density occurs due to CJC 1295’s ability to enhance collagen synthesis, which in turn impacts the rate at which bone can both repair and sustain it self.

With improved bone density, everything from optimum physical performance to improved structural integrity in general will occur.

These benefits would suit an individual looking to utilise CJC 1295 for anti aging reasons just as much as they would someone who wished to ensure they could continuously perform at a high physical standard without detriment.

Even those seeking purely aesthetic development from gh secretagogue use will find that their physical performance capacity, and therefore growth capacity will improve as a result of their implementation.

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