Diet Tips For Those Using CJC 1295

It’s ultimately your nutritional intake that’s going to determine how successful you are in achieving your goals whilst utilising CJC 1295 or any other secretagogue.

For this reason, we are now going to provide you with some simple but highly effective guidelines for eating effectively whilst utilising CJC 1295.

How To Eat For Bulking Purposes

Many people who seek to increase their muscle mass erroneously assume that they need to eat everything in site; this is not the case though.

You must approach your bulking cycle with as much strategy and tact as you do your cutting cycle; this is going to involve caloric precision.

In order to safely gain lean muscle tissue, first head to the site Once you are on here, select the daily calorie total calculator on the left hand side of the page.

Enter all of the relevant details, following which you’ll be presented with calorie totals for fat loss, extreme fat loss and maintenance purposes. Take note of the maintenance total, and head onto the nutrient ratio calculator on the left hand side.

Enter your calorie total into the top and select either the “Moderate” or “Moderate II” nutrient splits. Select the number of meals you wish to eat per day, and then take note of the amount in grams you’ll need per meal of protein, carbohydrates and fat.

At this stage, you need to ensure that your protein gram amount is equivalent to at least 1.2 – 1.5 grams of protein per pound of lean muscle tissue weight; if it isn’t, increase it slightly.

In order to successfully gain muscle, you now need to add in a further 250 calories in the form of either protein or healthy fat (omega 3 and 6.) Protein contains four calories per gram, and fat 9; this should allow you to make the necessary calculations.

On a weekly basis, you must measure your body fat percentage in conjunction with your lean mass percentage. In an ideal world, you’ll see your body fat percentage remain the same and your lean muscle mass weight increase.

Should your progress stall over the course of your cycle, you will need to add in an extra 250 calories in the form of either fat or protein (alternate the two with each addition.) This will progressively push you into the “surplus” calorie zone needed to create excess muscle.

All of your food sources should come from:

  • Low GI (slow digesting or complex) carbohydrates
  • Lean protein sources
  • Healthy (omega 3 and 6) fat sources
  • Green and leafy vegetables

By following these guidelines and performing an effective resistance training split, you will without doubt see positive results whilst using CJC 1295 DAC.

How To Eat For Cutting Purposes

Performing a cut is almost exactly the same as following a bulking cycle, though it is done in “reverse”.

Again, you’ll need to head to the previously mentioned website (freedieting) though this time you’ll need to use the “fat loss” calorie total. Once you have this number, head onto the nutrient ratio calculator.

Once on there, enter the number into the top of the calculator and select the “low carb” or “very low carb” split options. Select your meal number, then take note of the amount per gram of protein, carbohydrates and fat per meal.

Once you have these numbers, ensure that you will be taking in at least 0.8 – 1 gram per pound of lean bodyweight in protein. This is to ensure that you sustain your current muscle mass whilst cutting.

Once you have these numbers in place, measure your body fat and muscle mass percentages weekly – your body fat levels should reduce, whilst your lean muscle mass levels should ideally stay the same.

Should your progress stagnate, you may either increase the duration of all of your cardiovascular sessions by fifteen minutes, or cut out a further 100 calories per day in the form of healthy fat until you see a decrease take place.

Ideally, all of your carbohydrate sources during this phase will come from green and leafy vegetables; complex carbohydrates should only be utilised in the hour and a half window preceding, or the hour long window following your workout sessions on resistance training days only.

By following these guidelines during a cutting phase, you are almost guaranteed to reach your desired body fat level. Please ensure that the food sources stated in the previous section are still adhered to.

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