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Through utilising CJC 1295, we are able to access the exact benefits received through the release of growth hormone within the human body, or the benefits received when supplementing with exogenous growth hormone.

Where this item differs to “standard” growth hormone varieties is that we have a much greater degree of control over precisely when we induce an elevation of our gh levels, and how effectively we can “tap into” them.

On balance, “ordinary” growth hormone will provide a fairly stable elevation of gh but arguably one that isn’t able to fulfil its potential. Whilst it does of course work effectively, it never once leads to a dramatic increase in levels as per a secretagogue variety.

It’ also worth noting, whilst we’re comparing these two items, that secretagogue varieties (be them GHRH or GHRP products) are far cheaper than buying “standard” exogenous human growth hormone.

For many, this makes them a viable and often preferred alternative.

In conjunction with this “selectivity” factor in terms of when and to what degree we are able to access growth hormone comes a minimal risk of side effects.

Amongst secretagogue varieties, CJC 1295 is considered to be tremendously mild, and in comparison to the likes of anabolic steroids; it’s associated negative traits are considered to be almost negligible.

Still, they do exist, and we will shortly explore them further in order to ensure that your time with CJC 1295 is as safe and effective as humanly possible

For now, we’ll highlight the positive aspects of utilising this item, which are:

  • It can elevate IGF-1 levels
  • It can further enhance fat burning when integrated into a cutting cycle
  • It can further enhance muscle growth when integrated into a bulking cycle
  • It can help to advance joint and even cellular recovery in regards to everything from the skin to vital organs
  • It may help to positively impact the immune system
A full overview of benefits will be provided shortly, but for now; the above points are all positive features associated with elevated levels of human growth hormone.

It’s worth noting that when utilising CJC 1295 with DAC specifically, the products half-life is extended to roughly eight days. This means that growth hormone levels are elevated for far longer than they are when using the DAC free version.

So Should I Get CJC 1295 With DAC Or Without It?

As with most “anabolically charged” items, one simple modification to the structure of CJC 1295 yields two separate products that are both of a different nature, even though they share base characteristics.

As previously outlined, DAC stands for Drug Affinity Complex. These special complexes were designed to protect peptides from “early” breakdown within the body.

In this instance, the affinity complex attached to CJC 1295 comes in the form of lysine with an attached maleimidopropionyl reagent to ensure that the former amino acid can successfully bond with the rest of the amino acid “group” contained in CJC 1295.

This added element is abbreviated as “Lys (M).” Its addition leads to the sustained protection and release of growth hormone within the body – as such, the user only theoretically needs to inject it once per week.

This sustained protection is provided in a two-fold manner. Firstly, the added DAC allows CJC 1295 to bind to albumin. The second aspect of this prolonged release actually comes from the removal of four amino acids.

You may think that removing amino acids would yield less effectiveness in terms of GH release, but what it does in this instance is ensure that the CJC 1295 “blueprint” is no longer recognised by the GHRH breakdown enzymes.

These enzymes are released by the body to help cease the production of growth hormone releasing hormone (though they are not to be mistaken with somatostatin.)

Conjunctively, binding to albumin serves to enhance CJC 1295’s “affinity” with the body whilst the removal of four amino acids makes it nigh on impossible to discover and diminish (at least for eight days.)

There is a large degree of debate in regards to which version of CJC 195 should be utilised. This is because a prolonged gh presence within the system can actually lead to what’s known as growth hormone “bleed.”

Arguably, this “bleed” is the precise reason why you might actually choose to utilise this product over its “DAC”- less brother. There are pro’s and cons to creating this effect within the body.

When creating the “bleed” you are actively forcing the somatotropic cells to regularly “churn” out growth hormone on an almost continuous basis over the eight-day period where CJC 129 with DAC is present.

You could compare this effect to that achieved when using long chain ester anabolic steroids, whereas their “digestion” time within the body is dramatically increased, thus reducing injection frequency.

Being that the release is almost continuous, this could prove to be highly beneficial for those who wish to achieve a “stable” growth hormone presence, at the cost of strength.

It’s this latter aspect (strength) that we must consider too in regards to achieving a wide array of physical goals.

The DAC-less version is going to assist in the production and sustained utilisation of an enormous growth hormone spike when compared to CJC 1296 with DAC. This is because it will almost always be combined with a GHRP product (and it really should be.)

These two items (GHRP’s and GHRH’s) work together in perfect synergy to trigger and utilise a large growth hormone “pulse” on command. Really, they were actually designed to be used in conjunction with one another from the very beginning.

This places CJC 1295 with DAC in an awkward niche – It can be used in conjunction with a GHRP product, but it’s going to continue to release growth hormone over the course of 8 days, albeit at a mild level.

You might think this is actually beneficial, but the reality may be somewhat different. The first element of continuous release you need to keep in mind is that the body naturally produces somatostatin (the growth hormone recall hormone) for a reason.

We are not “supposed” to be able to infinitely secrete growth hormone. Not only that, but CJC 1295’s inability to diminish the effects of somatostatin may even make such an end result entirely fruitless.

It simultaneously elevates plasma growth hormone levels whilst arguably never once being able to elevate these levels to such a degree that the body can achieve surplus benefit owing to the presence of somatostatin.

Only when a GHRP product like hexarelin or GHRP 6 was introduced to temporarily disable somatostatin could the effects of CJC 1295 with DAC truly “mature.”

What we’re then left with is at least one infallible eventuality; the somatotropic cells are placed under excess strain when compared to their normal release cycle.

In conjunction with this, it might actually be for no reason too. This could make CJC DAC use both dangerous and largely ineffective.

Of course, this is all currently theoretical at this stage.

We could also say that there is a possibility that continuous growth hormone elevation may prove beneficial for some too, even if it is at a low level (those suffering with health issues for instance may find that the gh increase was enough to satisfy their needs, even if it wasn’t high enough for anabolic purposes / fat burning.)

As all growth hormone secretagogue varieties are currently approved for research use only by the FDA – you’ll find that there is very little conclusive evidence in regards to reasons for or against their use.

At this stage, we must purely go on the experiences shared by those who utilise the product already and their findings, in conjunction with the facts we have gathered in regards to its structure and functionality.

When making your decision in regards to either CJC 1295 variant – you should consider all of the above elements in order to determine which option you go for.

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